Paper License Change

Paper Counterpart To Diving Licence Scrapped From 8th June
Last year we said goodbye to the paper tax disk and the next important piece of motoring paperwork ready to bite the dust is the photocard driving licence’s paper counterpart.
From the 8th June 2015, your paper counterpart will no longer be needed as it will be replaced with a digital service. The paper part of your driving licence is the part that shows any penalty points, provisional driving entitlement or disqualifications.
The new online service
Moving into the 21st century, the DVLA’s digital service will enable motorists to view all the information once found on your paper counterpart up-to-date and online. Once this service is in place, penalty points will only be recorded electronically. Details can be requested through the online service, by phone, or by post.
The online service will also allow drivers to share information about their driving licence electronically. This means sharing driving information about penalty points or the specific vehicles that can be driven, maybe for a new job, could be very simple.
Destroying the paper counterpart
Currently, a lost paper counterpart will cost drivers £20 for a replacement, and according to the DVLA there are half a million issued every year mainly due to them being lost. But after the 8th June, the DVLA is advising motorists to scrap their paper counterpart while keeping hold of their photocard. Anyone applying for a new licence from this date will receive only the photocard.
Paper-only licence holders
If you are a holder of the paper-only driving licence, given out to drivers before 1998, the DVLA advises you to retain your licence as it will remain valid. Do not destroy it.
You can find out more about the paper counterpart driving license in the below video or from