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Enhance your understanding, apply online, and find out how much it would cost you to borrow money using our brand new logbook loans website.

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At Motoloan we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website – The site features a sleek new design and a number of features that will help make it easier for borrowers to get access to cash quickly.

Motoloan is a provider of logbook loans – and is one of the cheapest lenders in the UK, with an exceptional UK rate of 154.4 per cent APR. Because we secure cash against your vehicle, we offer a cost-effective alternative to payday loans companies when you need money in a hurry or if you have a less-than-sparkling credit history. The new site makes it simple to explore your options and start the application process quickly and conveniently for a Motoloan logbook loan without endless, complex online forms.

Many people who come to us are confused about the logbook loans service – they may not have a car, for example, but have a van, motorhome, boat or motorbike, which they could secure their loan against. We wanted to make the service we provide exceptionally transparent for our borrowers, and that’s why we have the “How it works” and “FAQs” sections of the website. Here, you can explore the process from beginning to end, and dispel any worries you might have.

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