A Quick And Reliable Way To Unlock The Cash In Your Car

A Quick And Reliable Way To Unlock The Cash In Your Car

When you need cash quickly, you can often feel like you’re stuck with nowhere to turn. At Motoloan our aim is to make life easier for you by releasing the equity held in your car in the form of a loan, so you can access the money you need without unnecessary delay.

When you choose a loan from Motoloan you can benefit from cash in your account within just a matter of hours – in fact, we’ve even been known to provide funds for customers in under 60 minutes. Our advisers realise that when you need cash, speed is often of the essence – whether it’s for emergency house repairs or that vital purchase.

Our knowledgeable advisers will explain the process clearly, so you understand the process and the fees involved. We’re not here to try to con you out of large sums of cash, or send you spiraling into debt.

Our superior service doesn’t stop there either. We operate differently to other providers who charge astronomical interest rates and hit you with high late payment charges and hidden fees. Our representative interest rate is a fixed 197.8% APR, making us the cheapest provider in the UK. Compare that to the 400% APR and more that our competitors charge and you’ll realise the extent of the cost-savings.

Just look at the following example:
● Take a £1000.00 loan with us over 12 months and you typically pay back £1720.
● Take a £1000.00 loan with one of our competitors and you could end up paying £2200.00.

And if you do find a loan that’s cheaper than our quote, we guarantee to beat it.

Last but not least, we promise only to repossess vehicles as an absolute last resort – unlike other providers. We only ever exercise this right should a customer become unresponsive or unreasonable. If you do have problems with repayment, simply talk to us. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist any customers in difficult situations.

Need cash quickly and considering a logbook loan? Talk to our advisers today. Call 03335 772 274 (free from mobiles and landlines) or email us on info@motoloan.co.uk.